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Travelers Visiting the 25 Schengen Countries in Europe can find Patriot America Europe Medical Insurance as an ideal plan which provides medical coverage during their entire period of stay in Europe. Patriot America plan formulated by International Medical Group provides comprehensive coverage. The plan satisfies all the Schengen Visa requirements specified by the consulates. Online Schengen Visa Letter is also provided by the plan adminsitrator. Patriot America offers pre-existing condition coverage. The Underwritter for Patriot America is Sirius International Insurance Corporation, a White Mountains Insurance Group company. Patriot America is administered by International Medical Group.
Patriot America Insurance satisfies Schengen visa requirements. After purchasing Schengen Visa travel insurance policy you can obtain the letter as required by the Schengen Consulates. Click on the button to obtain the letter. List of nationalities who need Schengen Visa
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  • Eligibility:
    » Non US citizens visiting Schengen countries.
  • For visitors under 65 years of age, initial period of coverage must be within 6 months of arrival in the US. For visitors over 65 years of age, coverage must begin within 30 days of arrival. These requirements are waived if proof of previous valid international travel insurance is provided.
  • Policy Maximum Limit Options
    • $50,000, $100,000, $500,000 or $1,000,000
    • For age 80+ years: $10,000
  • Benefit Period : 6 months
  • Deductible per certificate period - $0, $100, $250, $500, $1000 or $2500.
  • Co-insurance (outside US and Canada) - No Coinsurance
  • MyIMG Benefit : You can access your IMG account anytime and fron anywhere in the world. This service is available 24/7.
Plan Benefits
Hospital Room & Board Up to maximum limit for an average semi-private room rate.
Dental Injury due to accident - Up to the maximum limit.
Sudden pain - Up to $100
Emergency Medical Evacuation Up to $500,000 lifetime maximum; independent of the maximum limit.
Emergency Reunion Up to $50,000
Return of Mortal Remains Up to $50,000 for Return of Mortal Remains or $5,000 for Cremation/Burial
Return of Minor Children Up to $50,000
Political Evacuation Up to $10,000
Terrorism Up to $50,000 lifetime maximum
Common Carrier Accidental Death $50,000 to beneficiary.
maximum of $250,000 per family.
Accidental Death & Dismemberment $25,000 principle sum
Lost Luggage Up to $50 per item of personal property.
maximum of $250 per period of coverage.
Hospital Daily Indemnity $100/night, maximum 10 days
Optional Riders Adventure Sports Rider: offers coverage up to $50,000. valid for travelers aged up to 65 years.
Citizenship Return Rider: offers temporary medical insurance coverage for travelers returning to their home country.
Enhanced AD & D Rider: offers additional AD & D coverage. It is available with a minimum purchase of three months of medical and AD & D rider coverage.
Evacuation Plus Rider: offers coverage for medical evacuations for sudden and unexpected medical conditions that are non life-threatening, and where hospitalization is medically necessary. It also provides coverage for evacuations as a result of a natural disaster

Pre-exisiting Condition
For US Citizens Only
Sudden and Unexpected Recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition (Medical):
Up to age 65 with primary health plan - usual, reasonable and customary charges up to plan maximum;
Up to age 65 without primary health plan - $20,000 lifetime maximum ;
65 years and above with or without primary health plan - $2,500 lifetime maximum
For US and Non-US Citizens:
Sudden and Unexpected Recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition (Emergency Medical Evacuation):
Up to $25,000 of eligible costs and expenses.
For Non-US Citizens
Sudden and Unexpected Recurrence of a Pre-existing Condition (Medical):
Up to $50,000 lifetime Maximum for age 65 and under.
Up to $2,500 for age 65+.

» No Coinsurance for treatment received in Schengen countries
» Benefit period of six is available after the plan expires
» On request the plan offers online fullfillment kit containing the IMG Identification Card, IMG contact numbers, Claim Forms and your insurance certificate providing a complete description of your rights and benefits under the contract.

Patriot America satisfies schengen visa requirements
  1. Schengen Visa requires that the insurance plan must offer a coverage of atleast €30,000 and Patriot America satisfies this requirement by offering the following medical maximums:
    • $50,000, $100,000, $500,000, $1,000,000
  2. Schengen Visa requires that the insurance plan must offer a coverage for Repatriation and Patriot America covers repatriation of remains up to $50,000
  3. Schengen Visa requires that the insurance plan must offer a coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuation and Patriot America covers emergency medical evacuation up to $500,000 lifetime maximum (independent of the maximum limit)
  4. Schengen Visa requires that the insurance provider must have a representive office in the schengen countries and International Medical Group has a representative bureau in the schengen countries